Lent this year begins on February 10th and continues until March 24. Below are some resources that might be helpful to you as you focus more intently on the love of Christ at Calvary.


Contemplating the Cross is a 40-day pilgrimage with Jesus as he faces his final eighteen hours. With dramatic narratives and meaningful personal reflections, the book takes you on your own journey, and you can't help but be changed. To read a sample devotional, click here.


Click here for several ideas to help you observe Lent--from creative ways to fast, to family devotions and more.


I pray the resources on this site might be useful as you seek to more meaningfully connect with Jesus on your spiritual journey. Click here to sign up to receive devotionals or information about new projects from Tricia on occasion.


Pastor John Ortberg wrote, The goal of prayer is to live all of my life and speak all of my words in the joyful awareness of the presence of God. For several years now, this has been my goal as well. What I've learned, however, is that this does not come easy--it takes a great deal of focus and intentionality. The problem is that our attention spans are shrinking daily due to the way that technology changes our brains. This is all the more reason to be more diligent about practicing Christ's presence, for as A.W. Tozer wrote:

The presence of God is the central fact of Christianity. At the heart of the Christian message is God Himself waiting for His redeemed children to push in to conscious awareness of His presence.
My new book, The Wired Soul: Finding Spiritual Balance in a Hyper-Connected Age comes out in June (pre-order here) and addresses this head on. I will also be writing on my blog about how we can learn to be present in a digital universe--to God, to each other and to our world. I hope we can help each other to that end.


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